VFA-Interlift e. V.

The VFA-Interlift e. V., Organisation for Lift Technology (Hamburg), was founded in 1987. SCHAEFER is a founding member and since this time is dedicated as an active organiser and sits on the managing committee. The original idea was to spark interest for lifts within the society. This is evident, because with the production of, at that time, almost 580,000 lifts in Germany and over two million in Europe, the sector has an impressive economic volume. Encouraged by the positive aspect that the lift developed from a mere means of transport into an architectural design element.

Media and PR, industry trade shows, seminars as well as guidelines, laws, regulations and norms, encompass the range of performance and services that the VFA offers. Key aspects are exchange of information and dialogue. Cooperation from which the members – lift and component manufacturers, design engineers, engineers and organisations for technical inspection – can profit.

"Flag ship" of the VFA is the "interlift", the world's largest lift trade show in Augsburg. It is an information and contact exchange market, also for the fellow associations LEIA (England), AFA (France), FEEDA and AECAE (Spain), ANACAM (Italy) as well as the NAEC (North America).