Good training = fit for the future

No matter if your interests and skills are more on the commercial or on the technical side – one thing is sure: A training with SCHAEFER is always a good basis for a career start. For example as

  • Industrial Sales Representative (M/F); length of training is three years,
  • Tool Mechanic (M/F); length of training is three and a half years or
  • Electrician for Devices and Systems (M/F); length of training is three years.

Required qualification for the mentioned professions: Secondary school certificate or Abitur (A-levels).

And because the ten training positions that we are offering each year are sought after, interested persons should hurry. Also with regard to the application deadline, which ends in November of the previous year for the coming year’s training program.

Contact: Barbara Knobloch, Phone +49 7571 722-800,