For us the best investment

Without them we would not be where we are today. Everyone, whether it be an apprentice, a sales person, a buyer, a technician, a production worker, someone in administration or in marketing: Everyone through its dedication contributes to our success. Our employees are simply good – that is what our customers say.  

Behind this compliment is a lot of hard work. Also the "capital" that the individual brings to the company. Occupational qualifications and further training as well as their social skills. SCHAEFER-employees are all qualified specialists, in part with international background. More than ten nationalities make up part of our team. Building a dynamic work force that is customer-orientated, innovative, flexible, with strong consulting abilities and act on self-reliance.

As, quoted from a famous trainer, "Our players don't have to be told how to score a goal – we just have to tell them how to get a scoring opportunity.", we laid the necessary foundations.

For example flat structures and short decision processes. Not to mention of course social-motivating factors: A modern working environment, attractive offers on further training, ...