Actions speak louder than words

Ability is something that must be shown. That is why this topic needs very few words. Four facts make up our core of competence:

Diversity – Buttons and indicators, key switches displays and luminous fields, car, landing and indicator fixtures, Lift Info Systems and access control systems, CANopen technology, ... The diversity of our products as well as their variety is great, not adding in all the possibilities of endless combinations.

Technology – Our own in-house research and development, technical and design activities are brought together to bring about a trend setting product. The extensive in-house production is supported by both automated processes and manual labour and the positive aspects are: fast reaction, flexibility, short delivery time and – (almost) anything is possible.

Service – Customer service for SCHAEFER is obvious. A pretension that does not end and is implemented throughout the company. For example internally in Sales and Support. Externally through the employees on site or through our service hotline. 

Quality – is made by people, and with us this means more than 200 employees. The result is a long-term customer satisfaction. Quality in all processes is the basis of our work. Measuring up to a corporate culture that is both demanding and encouraging.