Success stories are written, but success is made

Behind the name SCHAEFER hide “doers’ natures”, both then and now. 

Pioneering spirit, creativeness and optimism – our story begins close to today’s location of the company. There, several decades ago, the company founder Wolfgang Schäfer made his first money.

In the beginning he started with salary contracts; a short while later his first own developments followed – switching devices, controlling and operating units for the lift industry. Almost in parallel came about the development of the LT 18 "the grandfather" of our push button families. This meant the beginning of a product line that would be the winning building stone for our company.

Later came about displays and operating elements, fixture systems and components, all diverse but one-of-a-kind, supplemented by Lift Info Systems, access control systems and CANopen technology.

Today, SCHAEFER is operating world-wide, established as a global player and a leader in technology. We understand customer service and innovative strength as a vital way of thinking and acting – our potential for the future.