The right "balance"

Ecology – Here is where we concentrate among others on materials, recycling, packaging, ... For example raw materials, assemblies or elements that are not up to our standards are sorted and recycled into reusable materials.

Consistency which is already in place in the development stage. Because SCHAEFER trusts in ecologically harmless, durable and recyclable materials. The design sustains this way. Beauty in form, material, colour, the look and feel. Materials that, when separated, can be easily recycled. Also the housings that are used are made of as little as possible different varying materials. 

A further fact in our ecological balance is the use of environmentally safe packaging materials. This means: Packaging is minimal, reusable, made out of one material and is not harmful to the environment.

The closing point is logistics. The transport of our products respects as much as possible the environment.