Energy saving is hip

product life cycle

Efficiency – in the context of saving energy – is also a theme in lift business. This challenge is our duty for longevity and staying environmentally correct. We recognized this a long time ago and this is the reason why our products on this subject matter have always been future-orientated.

An example, small but with a large effect, are our LEDs. Electronic semi-conductor components, for example used in fixtures to be serving as "moving" direction indicator. And: Light emitting diodes live longer (up to over 100,000 hours) compared to bulbs (only about 5,000 hours) which consume ten times the energy. When you add up the energy balance of the LEDs which are in use, considering around 800,000 lifts in Germany alone, you quickly understand what a fantastic job our light emitting diodes are doing as energy savers in the lift industry.

It goes without saying that this product is in compliance with the relevant national and international guidelines and standards.