Media TFT flex

MediaTFT flex is a modern, flexible system for multimedia presentation of process and multimedia data on displays. Centrepieces of the product are high-performance, energy-saving multicore processors like the ones that can be found in smartphones/tablets. As these processors do not require an active cooling, the housing dimensions of MediaTFT flex are very compact and thus perfectly suited for use in lift installations respectively in buildings. Displays in sizes from 10.4” up to 32 inches can be placed inside and outside the lift car: MediaTFT flex either serves as a simple indicator, as landing fixture, car fixture or as an interactive Lift Information System.

Pre-wiring now also available for NEW, Arkel and KW

Now we also do pre-wiring of your fixtures for NEW, Arkel and KW. This saves unnecessary transport and allows the direct plug-and-play connection on site.


The plug-and-play solution: With SCHAEFER, all CAN nodes for your installation are delivered readily configured.




Buttons and indicators of the new „NA“ series

The new buttons and indicators of the “NA” series are available in the Style 42 (RT 42, EB 42, MT 42) and Style 45 Q/R. All buttons and indicators of this series come with a large connection terminal and can be operated within a voltage range of 12 … 120 V. The luminous colour of the LED can be set directly at the button respectively indicator. No welding studs are required for faceplate mounting.</span>
  • Large connection terminal
  • Adjustable luminous colour of LED
  • Voltage range 12 … 120 V

New TFT displays

TFT 3.2" / 4.3" / 5.6" / 7"

The new displays can be configured even when installed via an app or by means of a magnet. The displays can be controlled via the SP-Bus. A real-time clock indication can be realized by an optional radio-controlled clock module. The existing TFT 480/640/800 will be replaced by TFT 4.3” / 5.6” / 7”. The successor of LCD 128 will be TFT 3.2”.

Optional accessories

  • TFT Config Kit
  • WLAN dongle
  • Radio-controlled clock module
  • Touchpad pen

TFT 10" / 12" / 15"

  • Touch for call buttons
  • Video presentation
  • Configuration via LAN, even when installed
  • Configuration via USB stick