Andritz Hydro

Builder/Customer Andritz Hydro, A-Weiz
Specification lift car with LIS-Touch system

car panel from brushed stainless steel, folded, with back box

  • integrated 32” touch screen in industry quality behind safety glass pane
  • door open-button type RT 42 2M XI, symbol embossed
  • emergency call button type RT 42 2M XI, symbol embossed/filled with yellow paint
  • grille for intercom
  • preparation for non-SCHAEFER extra component
  • screen layout in customer’s CI/CD

LIS including industrial computer, mains adapter, reproduction software, LAN I/O module > all readily wired within a small box for mounting on top the cabin roof, as well as LIS-Box, suspension cable and transfer module

Delivery date November 2011
Lift company KONE, A-Vienna
Information Ilona Hanke, SCHAEFER GmbH,
Phone +49 7571 722-22