European Parliament, Brussels

Address Rue Wierth 60
  1047 Brussels
Object type administrative building
Specification Car and indicator fixtures for a total of 24 lifts (13 installations in 2011 and 11 installations in 2012)
    Car fixtures in individual design for surface-mounting
  • faceplate: stainless steel, black, prism-shaped folding, lateral fixings; partition at 2 300 mm height
  • back box: sheet metal back box, for lateral fixing of faceplate
  • pre-wiring: on D-Sub-plugs; D-Sub-interface with 37 poles and 25 poles with 70 cm connection cable faceplate – back box
  • engraving: filled with white colour
  • preparation for display
  • partly with voice synthesizer type DVM 70, English texts, mounted behind grille
  • luminous field: LF 4848 LED, LED white, green film, emergency exit symbol
  • partly with grille for remote emergency call system with pictogram engraving
    Arrangement operating elements:
  • special function buttons vertically, floor buttons horizontally
  • duplex arrangement, one time at barrier-free height
  • key switches in between
    Details operating elements:
  • emergency call button: type B 50 Q XL, LED red, touch plate st. steel, matted, with embossed emergency call symbol, yellow frame
  • door open button: type MT 42 2M XI, LED red, touch plate st. steel, matted, embossed
  • door close button: type MT 42 VIII, LED red, touch plate st. steel, matted, embossed
  • floor buttons: type MT 42 VIII, LED red, touch plate st. steel, matted, embossed/with Braille; button for building exit level with green marking ring and further floor button partly with blue marking ring
  • key switch type S1 Mae 56, prepared for profile half cylinder
    Indicator fixtures
  • faceplate: st. steel, 2 mm, brushed
  • central display (bar type), colour red, with Uni-Wandler
  • to the left and to the right slot-shaped cutouts as sound aperture for gong type PG 56
Delivery date July 2011
Lift company Schindler s.a./n.v., B-Brussels
Information Ilona Hanke, SCHAEFER GmbH, Phone +49 7571 722-22