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GEWOBA, Bremen

Builder/Customer GEWOBA Aktiengesellschaft Wohnen und Bauen
Address Rembertiring 24
  28195 Bremen
Object type GEWOBA office building and customer service centre
Specification modernisation of two passenger lifts (group) with 14 stops each
    COP-Panel with glass faceplate (varnished in colour RAL 9006) on stainless steel support plate, with full height sheet metal back box, equipped with:
  • 14 floor buttons type Rainbow Button RB 42
  • door open button, door close button, emergency call button, fan button type RB 42 (luminous colour standby = white, recall light = green)
  • Power Saver PS 42 = sensor module for saving energy
  • 2 electronic key switches type ES 42, mounted behind glass faceplate
  • preparation for intercom
  • preparation for on-site card reader incl. faceplate marking
  • luminous field type LF 9924 Triple
  • MA 9999 for lift data and emergency information
  • dot-matrix display type DMD 50
  • marking Schindler logo and “Do not use lift in case of fire”

2 x Lift Info System LIS with connection to lift and building network, 24” screens

    Landing fixtures with glass faceplate (varnished) on stainless steel support plate, with back box, equipped with:
  • 2 buttons type RB 42 (intermediate stops)
  • 1 button type RB 42, 1 electronic key switch type ES 42, 2 dot-matrix displays type DMD 35 (lowest stop)
  • 1 button type RB 42 (upper stop)
  • each with marking “Do not use lift in case of fire”
Delivery date spring 2012
Commissioning date May 2012
Lift company Schindler Aufzüge und Fahrtreppen GmbH
Sales: Zweigbüro Bremen
Engineering and installation: Hannover (Laatzen)
Architect AC GmbH Anlagen- Contracting für Förderanlagen, Mr. Meermann
Information Ilona Hanke, SCHAEFER GmbH, Phone +49 7571 722-22