Schloss Elmau elevates new construction with Swabia innovative technology of SCHAEFER GmbH

A superior 5-star luxury hotel demands perfection for its guests, down to the tiniest detail. Schloss Elmau – Luxury Spa & Cultural Hideaway is one of Germany’s noblest hotels, its name internationally well established. So naturally, when it comes to expansion, the second house, Schloss Elmau Retreat – Luxury Suites & Spa clearly mirrors the main house’s integrity, including superb lifts. Thus, products emerging from SCHAEFER GmbH, Sigmaringen, renowned for innovation and quality, are installed in the lifts in the new palace hotel.


Schloss Elmau – noble luxury, incomparable landscape

Built in 1914, today Schloss Elmau is among the best German hotels, an illustrious “Leading Hotels of the World” aristocrat. The superior 5-star luxury hotel encompasses two resorts, Schloss Elmau – Luxury Spa & Cultural Hideaway and Schloss Elmau Retreat – Luxury Suites & Spa, located 150 meters westward. The hideaway and retreat offer guests enchanting Alpine scenery 100 km south of Munich and 20 km southeast of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Nestled between Wamberg and the Wetterstein wall at 1,000 meters, hotel guests have an incomparable view of the Wetterstein Mountains. As early as the late fifties, the hotel was a catchword among musicians, artists, politicians and scientists, including none other than the German humourist Loriot, who often visited Schloss Elmau, writing many of his sketches there. In 2015, Schloss Elmau made political headlines as host of the G7 Summit, accommodating country and government leaders from the USA, France, Italy, Great Britain, Canada, Japan and Germany.

In 2005, a fire destroyed two thirds of the rooms in the heritage-protected edifice. Subsequently, the proprietor, Dietmar Müller-Elmau, decided to completely reconstruct and refurbish the entire hotel. Thus, Schloss Elmau – Luxury Spa & Cultural Hideaway was born. After 14 months of construction, the hotel opening was quickly followed by international acclaim as one of the best wellness and vacation hotels in the world. As restoration had reduced the number of rooms, Müller-Elmau decided to build an additional facility 150 meters further west. Spring 2015 saw the completion of Schloss Elmau Retreat – Luxury Suites & Spa, perfectly timed to welcome the G7 Summit in June of the same year.

Hotel guests are captivated by both the stunning scenery and the many highlights offered within hotel walls. Guests have over 170 individual rooms and suites to choose from as well as five different spas for adult or family wellness. Numerous pools and the bubbling Ferchen Brook provide guests with excellent swimming opportunities. Nine restaurants, including Luce d´Oro, bearing the Michelin Star, and Fidelo, awarded with 15 Gault-Millau points, exquisitely cater to guests’ culinary desires. To round things off, the only Jivamukti Yoga Center outside of New York, London and Berlin as well as sterling service leave no wish unfulfilled. The luxury hotel with its two spas and numerous conference rooms is highly attractive and most appropriate for events and meetings such as the G7 Summit.


SCHAEFER Products in Schloss Elmau

SCHAEFER products can be found in the newly erected Schloss Elmau Retreat – Luxury Suites & Spa Hotel. The hotel houses 4 lifts for transporting guests between 6 floors. The lifts were built by ThyssenKrupp, implementing the Lift Information System (LIS), RT 42 buttons and TFT 800 displays, from SCHAEFER. SCHAEFER LIS is a multifunctional, visual communication and orientation system, providing easily accessed and clearly understandable information before and during lift rides. Thus, LIS allows individual lift design, using images, videos, animation and diverse information to capture the client’s specific requirements. Floor selection ensues over the LIS system 24-inch touchscreen. In addition, round RT 42 buttons were installed. The floor display is generated by TFT 800 displays. Contemporary technology and exquisite materials are ideally blended, extending the hotel’s architectonic elegance to the lifts.


Only the optimum – regionally and internationally

With this precept, SCHAEFER GmbH of Sigmaringen, southern Germany, has become the innovation and technological leader on the lift sector. Quality, customer proximity and a highly singular product portfolio are the cornerstones of SCHAEFER success. Product diversity includes, among others, display and operating elements, buttons, fixtures and Lift Info Systems for modern lift construction. Perennially challenging and supporting staff members has kept the business in bloom for over 50 years. All products are fully designed and for the most part produced in Sigmaringen, before making their homes in (currently) 120 countries around the world. From individual buttons to complete fixtures, from standard version to customized solutions, the extraordinary SCHAEFER flexibility makes nearly everything possible. It is SCHAEFER’s commitment to individual customer support and to stern quality standards, which leads them to international, prestigious projects such as Schloss Elmau.