Donauturm (Danube Tower), Vienna

Builder/customer Donauturm
  Liegenschaftsverwaltungsgesellschaft m.b.H.
  Leopold-Moses-Gasse 4
  1020 Vienna
Address Leopold-Moses-Gasse 4
  1020 Vienna
Object type look-out/landmark of Vienna
  (Austria’s tallest building with 252 m overall height)
Specification modernization of the 40 years old lifts and integration of lift info systems and monitoring systems while lifts are in operation
Product liftINFOsystem,
  Two express lifts with two monitors each inside the cabin:
  1) 26 inch TFT flat screens with respective visualization fields; individual presentations for all floors with information e. g. regarding the tower restaurants, events, schedules
  2) 10.4 inch TFT flat screens with information for the passengers about current height, weight and speed of the cabin
  Outside the lifts at the entrance/exit and in the cafeteria:
  32 inch TFT flat screens with day and night image of the Donauturm; additionally the position of the cabin is displayed so that waiting passengers can see when their ride is due to start
  Cameras for improvement of the safety
  By operating a key switch it is possible to display the shoots of six cameras via the liftINFOsystem. These show the three access levels, the cabins and the machine room. This additional function offers during fire-fighting operations or with an emergency call orientation and assists in eventual emergencies (lobby monitoring, fire security).
Commissioning date June 8th, 2010
Lift company KONE AG, Vienna
Publication Lift Journal 4/2010, Lift-Report 5/2010
Information Markus Leeb, SCHAEFER GmbH, Sales Representative Austria /Switzerland,
  Phone +43 664 5400073
  Frank Saalmüller, SCHAEFER GmbH,
  Phone +49 7571 722-27