What is excellent service?

Essentially always that, what the customer never expects! Service made by SCHAEFER is in many ways more than just the acting of routinely daily work or the processing of standards. 

First-rate service quality: Behind it stands customer-orientated thinking and handling, consistent implementation in Sales and Support as well as by all our employees. From that attitude grows the capability to combine products and services in a convincing package – one of our strengths.

This service begins already in the advising phase, continuing through the development of joint ideas, during the production stage and then proceeds in reliable delivery. Contract accomplished, service stopped. Not with SCHAEFER!  We accompany our customers even when our product is already up and running. For instance on site, via the internet or through our service hotline and ...

… always from person to person. That is why service with us has a unique significance. Just like the proximity to information and competence. Contact person? One click is enough or contact our service hotline +49 7571 722-51, any time, Monday through Friday, 7am - 6pm.